• Nursery

  • Children & Worship 

  • Sunday School 

  • Pioneer Club


  • Sunday School 
  • Youth Fellowship
  • Rocky Mountain High

  • Adult Sunday School
  • Sermon Discussion 
  • Worship Team

  • Chicken Coop
  • Young Families 

Children's Ministries
The Lord said "let the little children come." At Heartland we reach out to children of all ages through several programs and classes. 

Teen Ministries
Being a teenager isn't always easy. At Heartland Reformed we have activities and lessons geared towards teenagers and the struggles they face.

Adult Ministries

No matter your age you can always grow in your faith. We have classes and studies for God's children who are a bit more advanced in age. 

Small Groups
We also have small groups where people can come together and study God's word with a friendship, fellowship and bible study.