Who We Are

Heartland is a small church with lots of volunteers!! Many members use their gifts each week as an important part of our ministry.

We have a big heart, and we love relationships! Our congregation is committed to spending time growing, eating, learning, loving, and laughing together. 



Our foremost purpose is:
to Know God

to Serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,

to be led by the Holy Spirit

as we are guided by God's Word.


We seek to worship God

by faithfully meeting together as a body of believers

by actively supporting each person's spiritual growth

by searching out and encouraging each person's gifts

by reaching out in Christian love to our neighbors,

by loving each person as God's image bearer

by welcoming those seeking a church family,

by supporting one another's daily needs through prayers and deeds

That Christ may be known throughout the world.


Our Faith

What We Believe

Heartland Reformed Church is a Christ-centered congregation rooted in the Reformed tradition. As such, we hold to several Creeds and Confessions.


Along with many Christian Churches around the globe, we hold to three creeds that were written in the first few centuries after Christ's death and resurrection.


They are


In addition to these Creeds, we hold to four "standards of unity" which explain what Reformed Churches believe.


They are